Activating the C-Suite at Global Events

For savvy C-level leaders: Expand executive visibility, showcase expertise, wield influence and cultivate a strong personal brand.







As a C-suite executive you want to be in demand at important events. We’ll work with you to curate high-profile speaking engagements, arrange meetups with the right people and be more intentional on the ground. As experts on live events, The Thought Partnership helps you sort the wheat from the chaff with distinctive storytelling that’s produced in close partnership with you.

What you'll learn

  • Build a plan to expand executive presence and how to “show up” at key events
  • Develop a “Signature Talk” that is the cornerstone for your strategy
  • Book high-profile speaking engagements
  • Hold prearranged meetings with the “right” people
  • Curate a meaningful agenda and be more intentional on the ground

Our step-by-step approach

1. Establish Goals and Objectives
2. Define Messaging and Delivery
3. Build your Event Plan
4. Execute and Evaluate

Key deliverables and outcomes

  • Meeting and deck to establish goals and objectives and timelines for activating at target events
  • Personal expertise and reputation assessment report
  • The “Signature Talk", the central messaging that determines where and how you will “show up” at your target event; includes a final outline of your Signature Talk
  • A strategic event plan and agenda
  • Hands-on training sessions to work on delivery and final prep session on “the eve” of the event
  • Post-event debrief meeting
  • Recommendations for evolving and improving the Signature Talk for future use and discussion of plans for future events and continued engagement

Shall we work together?

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