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We’ve spent a cool 40+ years in the marketing, media and creative industries. Add in our excellent consultants and you can probably triple that. We might be considered veterans in media and creative industries, but we feel like we’re just getting started.

By working with a wider collective of global specialists who join us on projects when we need specific skills, it means that we're flexible, cost-effective and collaborative.

Guess the fib!

I won the “Ready Steady Cook” TV Easter special when I lived in Australia

My spaniel was featured on Britain’s Got Talent

I once got stuck in a lift in France with John Legend (and a fight nearly broke out)

Charlotte Williams

I don’t think there are many problems that can’t be solved if we really put our heads together. Not only does a healthy dose of optimism lower your chances of disease (by up to 35% apparently) but a positive approach to problem-solving is proven to increase business results.

I’ve spent 20+ years helping organisations like Cannes Lions, Haymarket, Centaur Media, The Guardian and others develop IP, events and comms strategies that have generated non-incremental, double and triple digit business results. Ones around engagement, satisfaction, revenue-growth and profit. For me it’s all about combining a lot of data with a lot of guts and asking some gnarly questions. Hopefully this is experienced as genuine curiosity and not just nosiness.

My work passion is producing content - mainly events - that are rich in insights and outcomes and that surprise and delight business audiences.

I love psychology, behavioural economics and am a trained counsellor (which can come in quite handy at work too).

Guess the fib!

I trained and played tennis at Wimbledon

I once went on a diving retreat with a famous Canadian president

My Dad owned a sweet shop where Tom Cruise once bought some M&Ms

Jo Andrews

I’m a growth marketing specialist. I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt (and the colour-coded spreadsheets) to prove it. My specialism is in aligning sales goals with performance marketing campaigns, technology and culture. It’s this last one that’s often (madly) overlooked when actually the best work is produced in the most inspiring cultures.

By codifying and combining these forces, you will create valuable customer experiences, which of course drives business growth. As experienced communicating with the corporate C-suite as with fledgling start-up teams, I’ve worked on everything from large-scale digital transformation projects for 140 year companies to go-to-market brand strategy for newborn businesses.

My career started in London but after a 14 year stint in New York I speak pretty fluent slang in American and British English. Working globally in matrixed structures have given me full appreciation of the virtues of simplicity.

Our experts and advisors

Guess the fib!

I’m classically trained in Bharathanatyam, a South Indian dance form

I once dated a famous Aussie Rules football player

I speak, read and write Mandarin

Banu Kannu

I’m your typical hyphenated human; and a true sum of all my parts. A trilingual Singaporean-South Indian-West Aussie who can talk for hours about why the way we meet – esp. in a post-pandemic world - needs a serious revamp!

I’m a designer and facilitator of transformative gatherings in the corporate world – helping professionals meet in more human ways, to unleash inspiration and connection from unforgettable shared experiences. My superpower is being able to do this in-person and online with equal impact. I’ve designed and facilitated 100s of events over 18 years, all around the world.

My current favourite cities are Helsinki, Munich, New York City, Tel Aviv, London, Shanghai and of course, Perth (in an order that changes frequently).

Guess the fib!

I spent two days with the Dalai Lama. And he beat me at Gin Rummy

I used to be a rodeo rider

I was Peter Jackson’s runner on Lord of the Rings

Hugo Ward

I'm passionate about the power of film content. Storytelling and thought-leadership have to be at the heart of any business and campaign. And when done correctly, it will spark an emotional response—smiles, laughs, tears… even those all-important light-bulb moments that inform and inspire.

As Executive Producer at Economist Films, I helped to pioneer the launch and growth of one of the most successful film units in the history of publishing—and introduced a new, younger audience to the world-renowned journalism of The Economist. I've created award-winning films for just about all of the UK broadcasters (BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Discovery… to name a few). Now my mission is to help brands and businesses bring their story and purpose to life in the most effective way I know how: engaging, thought-provoking and brilliant films.

Guess the fib!

I once sang in a choir with Westlife, the seminal (shit) noughties' pop band

My ancestors mined diamonds in Tasmania

The Sultan of Brunei’s wife (his latest one) gifted me a fruit cake

Isobel Diamond

Journalist, communications expert, word nerd. And more than that, I’m a thought-leadership pro with a sparkling track record in landing opinion pieces for clients, in trade and national titles.

So opinion is enough, right? No it’s not. The media relies on facts, and facts rely on stats. So whatever the topic, I uncover the research and the data, to back up the insight. Working with executives and founders, I tie my clients’ business objectives to the news agenda, and craft a relevant and persuasive tone of voice. As a journalist, my work has been published everywhere from The Guardian to Conde Nast Traveller. As an op-ed writer, I’ve worked with everyone from Campaign to The Art Newspaper, as well as penning words for corporate blogs and websites. And as a comms consultant, I’ve led strategies and projects for LIONS The Home of Creativity and Porto City Hall (alongside May Concepts). I also create bespoke content, from trend reports to advertorials, to boot.

Guess the fib!

I was an extra in the Rob Lowe movie “About Last Night”

I've run five marathons, all in Chicago

My grandfather worked as an errand boy for Al Capone

John Zeman [aka JZ]

I am an experienced digital marketing and communications exec who has worked for game-changing companies and with visionary leaders for 30+ years to scale and transform businesses through my contributions in a variety of marketing, comms and sales roles. My current focus is on driving value for thought leaders and C-levels through the speaking channel and with experiential marketing opportunities.

Most recently, I was the Global Head of Speaking at Twitter where I oversaw the company’s worldwide efforts to engage targeted audiences through the external speaking channel. I also managed the Speaker & Media Training program that I created to develop the company’s most important spokespeople.

Prior to Twitter, I led all efforts to monetize Yahoo!’s Media, Entertainment, News and Finance properties for the newly IPO’d Internet icon and have held leadership roles at an assortment of companies including Time Inc., SAY Media (aka VideoEgg), and J Walter Thompson. Yup, I’ve been around.

Guess the fib!

I am related to Bjorn Borg

I am 5ft 3

I was once tapped for a job for the FBI

Sara Cosgrove

Sara Cosgrove is a creative awards specialist. A journalist by trade, with 19 years experience from the creative industry, she knows how to analyse winning work and pick up on trends across award shows to identify work with winning potential. She was with DDB for 16 years, where she held a spot on the Global Creative Council, and then spent 2 years with Media.Monks as their global head of awards. Sara is well versed in packaging submissions and implementing processes, resulting in a higher conversion rate and helping to save on submission costs by hitting early bird deadlines. She works with a number of agencies to provide awards strategies and support as well as holding creative boosting workshops. Passionate about bringing people into the industry, she takes every opportunity she can to guest lecture and mentor young talent.

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